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Old Victorian School

Saturday  27th January 2018

 Only £15

 District: Nottingham

Time: 9pm until 3am

Sold Out!

 Tudor World Full Payment 9th Dec 2017

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On the 27th January do you fancy a night of terror, experiments and vigils in the dark, in a very haunted location that will send a chill down your spine with fear!! The “Old Victorian School” in Nottingham is an eerie location that has had reports of a very sinister presence that lurks in the darkness who likes to frighten anyone who this negative entity comes across. On this night you will take part in an energy workshop, Victorian Séance’s, vigils and a few surprises that will test even the bravest of our guest at the “Old Victorian School!”

This is a charity event and all the proceeds to this event will go to the Sandra Eccelston fund which is on behalf of the paranormal community.  We would like to thank Hazel Ford form Haunted Happenings for donating the location to help raise funds towards the Sandra Eccelston Fund.

Old Victorian School