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Bestwood Lodge Hotel Investigation

To Be Re-sheduled

 Only £39

 District: Nottingham

Time: 9pm until 2am

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One of the most attractive hotels in Nottingham is the Bestwood Lodge, which dates back to the 14th Century.  It started its life as a hunting lodge when King Edward III ordered its construction in Bestwood Park for the King to stay during his visits and a place for him to enjoy his passion for hunting.  The lodge got demolished in 1860 and on the site a Gothic style house was built and completed in 1863.  Unfortunately the building suffered fire damage in 1893, and fortunately the life of the building continued to its next phase of its life.  In the 1940's Bestwood Lodge was taken over by the Ministry of Defence and joined the war effort by becoming an army headquarters in Word War II.  Today this magnificent building is now the Bestwood Lodge Hotel, which incidentally has some very strange reports of paranormal activity from the staff and guests alike.  One particular disturbing incident occured when one of the staff members ran out of the cellar after the lights were turned off whilst he was down there.  He claimed that he heard a voice in the darkness say, "Can I help you sir?"  There are other reports of dark shaddows that have been seen in the corridors, followed by the feeling of oppressiveness.  If you are intrigued about the many reports of ghostly goings on at the Bestwood Lodge Hotel join John Blackburn in a night of paranormal investigation at one of the most haunted locations in Nottingham.  You will take part in seance's, vigils and energy building experiments so we can give you the best experience possible and a night to remember!  Buffet in included...

Bestwood Lodge Hotel